Customer Reviews

  • I met Brendan at a seminar in June 2012 and after an introductory meeting to review my current financial position it was immediately clear that he had the knowledge, dental background and understanding to help me with my financial planning in the lead up to retirement. I feel confident that his advice has been tailored to my individual needs and wishes and have enjoyed our meetings as he is a genuinely nice guy.

    Dr Michael Fulforth - October 2013
  • I was impressed with the experience and professional attitude Brendan showed in dealing with our financial circumstances. He shows breadth of knowledge including navigating through complex NHS pensions and putting together bespoke packages to suit our requirements. Both he and his staff respond promptly and I have no hesitation in recommending him to you.

    Abbi Lulsegged, Consultant Endocrinologist October 2013
  • Brenden has been the family`s financial adviser for sometime. I found him prompt with answers to my queries, efficient and careful to get all information possible to consider alternative actions and, most importantly, trusted. I found him not selfish with his remuneration and hence honest with opinions, firstly to the benefit of the customer. He has certainly changed my look to different complex financial issues as he is also interactive and leaves the decisions to the customer. I wish I found him several years ago, as I have been able to compare him with previous advisers. Because of him, I did change course in some of my financial dealings, to the better. I have no doubt in recommending him to those who want to make the best use of their money

    Dr. Zoser Fouad Boulis Consultant Radiologist October 2013
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Brendan for the last 1 year. He and his company came highly recommended by a colleague who had used their services for a number of years.
    Having used 2 separate financial advisors in the previous 3 years and having had an unsatisfactory service from both of them, I was very apprehensive at the beginning. I always felt that the advisors were more driven towards commission based selling of products and acted more to line their pockets than work to make my money go further
    However right from the word go, Brendan worked very professionally and diligently in gaining my confidence. He met me at my practice at a time convenient to me and reviewed my needs and my goals and aspirations. This and subsequent visits were carried out very professionally with a agenda , a list of recommendations and advise that was thoroughly researched and backed with figures, numbers and statistics. he would always follow up his meetings with a email /letter summary and a action plan with a set time scale.
    He has also reviewed these goals on a timely basis and sought to accommodate any changes in my current needs in my long term financial planning.
    I have always admired the work that Brendan has put into any of my queries and the well balanced advise that he has given me. From matters of NHS pensions to reviewing the proposed purchase of a practice , Brendan has been my invaluable advisor and confidant.

    What I have always admired the most is his upfront nature . He was clear and consistent about the charges he levied me. He and his company have a clear policy on charges which I feel are competitive, reasonable and value for money.

    However, it is the quite, confident and knowledgeable demeanor of Brendan’s personality that has inspired in me a great deal of confidence and respect. I look forward to having many years of successful association with him and his company.

    Dr. Kaushik Paul - October 2013
  • Essential Money has always viewed my needs at a personal level rather than just treating me as one of their clients. The style, Thomas uses to explain finance, projections along with his dedication towards my needs has been both professional and honest.

    Since being with Thomas over 10 years, I have recommend friends and family whom have experienced his personal service, his recommendations have not let me down and is in regular contact ensuring that the advice remains appropriate.

    Sukhi Atthi, Birmingham January 2013
  • The process we have undergone with you was utterly insightful. That the output is a living, working plan which develops with us and our aspirations is, we believe, how financial planning should be. As we don’t live in IFA-world, everything being put to us in plain terms by someone we know we can trust is crucially important. Needless to say, we have no hesitation in recommending Essential Money. Our thanks to you and your staff, Thomas.

    Dr S & Mr F Mitchell - March 2012
  • I thought you would like to know that I was with Ransley Morenas of Southview Dental on Wednesday when you called through to say his mortgage was sorted and Ransley couldn’t have been more complimentary about your efforts and approach throughout the process.

    He mentioned the challenge he had and said he was amazed with the efforts you went to to help him with this. He referred to this as ‘old-fashioned thinking’ by which he was referring to the traditional values and service which you provided, a really positive thing for Ransley.

    I’ll leave you to pass on this highly positive feedback – credit where credit’s due!!!!

    Dee Gerrish - Clear Vision Accountancy Group

    Ramsey Morenas - Southview Dental - November 2011
  • I had a very pleasant and rewarding experience during my dealings with Rob Griffin from Essential Money management. He was very efficient in preparing my business case which played a pivotal role in my business loan being approved. Moreover, I am very impressed and have benefitted significantly from his holistic approach to my financial planning. I would strongly recommend Rob to anybody looking for tailor made personalised financial advice.

    Sandip Dhar - February 2011
  • Thomas has been continuously there for guidance, help and advice since I graduated. He is one of the most trustworthy professionals that I have come in contact with and will always seek the best for your interest. Thomas has a great network of contacts, and has become more of a coach and a mentor to me as I take the next big step in my career. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his firm Essential Money.

    Raza Jaffery - April 2010
  • Many thanks for responding to my email so promptly. Your advice was spot on as usual, and has just saved me several hundred pounds this year.

    I can't thank you enough.

    Jaspal Sandhu - January 2010
  • Both [Rob Griffin & Thomas Dickson] provided great support and advice which was much appreciated as a newly qualified dentist.

    Phillip Chan - November 2009
  • Thomas - I have just read your article in the probe and just wanted to say how refreshing it was to find somebody expounding a practical view about incorporation rather than the usual rubbish that one reads from accountants just looking for work!
    Morris & Co

    Nick Ledingham - Morris & Co. (Chartered Accountants) - October 2009
  • Thomas - Thanks so much for this comprehensive and helpful information and for the patient, careful and clear way you took me through all these details on Tuesday. It was a great help and encouragement and we are so glad to have your help. Many thanks again.

    Dr Malcolm Laird - September 2009
  • Thanks to both Sarah and Danielle for their support throughout the process- very easy and thorough to deal with. Special thanks to Danielle for her patience, perseverance and hard work- very much appreciated.

    Natasha & James Grant - January 2009
  • Brilliant, as ever Thomas

    Joe Baker - November 2008
  • Once again, Sarah Gwilt has been excellent - extremely helpful, friendly and empathetic during what became a prolonged process. We'd have no hesitation in recommending Essential Money - all the team there have always been professional, courteous and, most importantly, helped us manage our finances better!

    Matt Woodhams & Louise Hocking - May 2008
  • Moving day today - thanks to Sarah also: feel free to use my comments of a fantastic and very appreciated service from the both of you! 

    Dr Anna Stone - April 2008
  • It is my pleasure to recommend Sarah as she has given me excellent service. When I think about how I sweated sorting out mortgages myself before!!!Visit Orthodontic Excellence

    Peter Huntley - July 2008
  • Thomas Dickson has been my financial adviser for the last 5 years. During this time he has consistently offered a high level of service and advice. Since starting Essential Money, he and the team around him have continued to offer a fantastic service. They are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. I feel now that should I ever fall ill or have any other problems, financially I am now safe for the future. This is down to the time and support I have received from Thomas. I have referred family and friends to Thomas, all of whom have been equally impressed with the service they have received.  Visit OrthodonticsForYou

    Mark Forty, OrthodonticsForYou - April 2008
  • Thomas – thank-you SO much for taking time out of your schedule to come and speak to us.  Finance is something which the rest of our lives hinge around, whether we like it or not, and our basic training in it is dreadful.  With your mini-bar giveaway I think you may well be voted one of the years top speakers….. You really helped make sense of it for us ALL (me included)

    Bridget Ashton, Plymouth VT Adviser - April 2008
  • Thank you so much for the excellent service over the years. Be assured of my loyalty in years to come.

    Walter Reynecke - March 2008
  •  Thomas has been a regular contributor to The Probe for a while, and he is well known for his clear explanations of tax law and giving sound advice...a wonderful human being!

    Lisa Townshend - Editor, The Probe - November 2007
  • 3 years ago I had a dream of being the owner of successful dental practices. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Thomas Dickson and his team I am well on my way to realising that dream. Thomas was able to see my vision and help me plan accordingly to achieve, starting with arranging capital funding to purchase premises and initial equipment to two years down the line refinancing to enable me to expand and consolidate.” Thomas has always offered sound advice and nothing is ever too much trouble for him. I know that should I need advice or guidance he is always at the end of the phone or an email. I would wholly recommend Thomas and Essential Money as I have found them to be extremely customer focused, excellent advisors and very professional.

    Eamonn McDaid - October 2008
  • I first met Thomas fresh out of university when he joined a company where I worked at that time as the Senior Consultant. I'd never have guessed he'd lose his hair before me. Thomas spent some time with me in his initial training stages and it was clear from the start that that Thomas had what it took to be an outstanding financial adviser. As a friend and fellow financial adviser for over 14 years now I can personally vouch for his integrity and commitment to helping clients with their finances. He's a bit of a nerd when it comes to studying and anything to do with IT and I admire the fact that Thomas takes his subject so seriously - having achieved the Advanced Financial Planning Qualification and then qualified as a Certified Financial PlannerCM, one of only 670 in the country. When Thomas told me that he was setting up a company on his own I was delighted and immediately offered to give him an endorsement. He replied that might be a little odd – one financial advisor endorsing another – but I suggested that only other advisors really know how good we are as practitioners. All I can say is …. if I was a dentist I'd want to be one of Thomas's clients.

    Karl R. Lehmann Dip PFS, Certified Financial Planner, Principal, Lehmann Financial Management - July 2007
  • Both Annika and myself would like to thank you both very very much for all of your help and hard work with the mortgage ... I would just like to give you some feedback in regards to Sarah and the service she provided. Both Annika and I were extremely impressed with her dedication, patience and commitment to the job and she managed did the impossible by managing to turn around the second mortgage it what I considered an near on impossible time scale...

    [Estate Agents] also commented on Sarah when we completed saying that they thought that she was one of the most professional financial advisers they had worked with her and she had kept them updated and in the loop all the way...

    Sarah also has gone over and above the services of her job and has offered me invaluable advice in regards to renting our flat. This again is something she didn't have to do and we appreciated it very much.

    Sarah, we personally want to thank you for assisting us it what I can only describe as one of the most stressful process I have ever experienced. It was a pleasure dealing with you...

    Thanks again, we really did appreciate your help and guidance.

    Dean & Annika - December 2004
  • We would just like to say what a great help your financial services have been to us, more so since we have recently become partners from being associates.

    We have found Thomas to be very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. More importantly your ‘down to earth’ mannerism makes you approachable and your prompt attention to our queries, ensures the smooth running of our financial affairs.

    Wishing you all every success in the future.

    Raj & Asha Ram
  • My wife and I are both dentists. We arrived in England as young dentists with no experience in the business world. Our first problem was, income protection cover, what do we need and what are available? Secondly what pension schemes are available for dentist? One telephone call to Thomas Dickson was all that was needed. Living in Stoke on Trent at the time Thomas set up a profile for us and came to us in Stoke with the necessary paper work. We can now concentrate just on our work knowing that our financial matters are in good hands.

    Since our first meeting I was confident in using him for non-dental related problems. Being a South African it is difficult to find a competitive mortgage rate. I left every thing in Thomas ‘s hand and to the surprise of the agent I had a mortgage set up in four weeks. He also advised me about insurance.

    I already recommended his company to two of my friends, who also have been very satisfied with their really outstanding service.

    Dr Johan Goosen & Dr Ronette Nieuwoudt
  • Although having returned from overseas with a wealth of knowledge and experience in my chosen profession, my finances were in somewhat of a disarray. That is until I was referred to you by a colleague. Since then you have helped me sort out any financial matters, relating to all aspects of my professional work and personal matters too, and have given me valuable advice whenever I needed it.

    With ever changing times and economic conditions, finances have to be reviewed periodically, and I have no doubt that you will always be there to assist in your usual prompt, efficient manner. Consequently, I would have no objection in recommending your services to any of my colleagues.

    Dr Homi P Nanavaty
  • I knew that I had to have some sort of order to my finances and with my financial situation changing in several ways I found your advice was just what I needed at the right time! The manner in which you simplified all the jargon and made it relevant to my circumstances was very helpful and kick started my desire to sort out my money matters. I think your services have been a HUGE help to me personally and I would have no hesitation recommending you to my friends and family.

    Dr Sonna Ifeacho