Case Study

Here's some recent examples of how a face-to-face meeting has helped:

Save Money

We've recently saved hundred pounds of pounds a year for a client that had a life insurance plan that was taken out when he was a smoker. By simply re-organising that contract we were able to significantly reduce the monthly premiums for the same level of cover. We often find that prospective clients we meet are over-insured and as a result of a meeting we've been able to save them money rather than just taking out more cover.

Insure yourself as a dentist

A prospective client we met in 2017 had a critical illness plan in place. However a crucial element of this type of cover is the Total and Permanent Disability element of the cover and the small print confirmed this was on an "any occupation" basis. It's vital that Critical Illness is set up on an "own occupation" basis so that if you can't work as a dentist - your insurance will pay out.

Review your will

I had two examples recently where we realised that at age 60 the amount of life cover was going to reduce even though that wasn't what the client wanted - we were then able to replace some existing policies, up a further policy and arrange cover to age 70. In one of these meetings I found out that the client had not told his wife what  was in his will. I recommended he discuss the contents with her whilst he could. I then went one stage further and recommended he place some of his life policies in trust for his other beneficiaries as these don't form part of the estate on death. This helps reduce the value of the estate for inheritance tax planning and ensures money can be passed to the next generation tax efficiently.