Goodman Grant - Financial Healthcheck

Goodman Grant are a well respected firm of solicitors that have been working with dentists for many years and have built up a great reputation. We are therefore very pleased to offer a FREE financial healthcheck to any of their clients that instruct them in 2018.

What does the Financial Healthcheck involve?

  • Up to an hour phone call or meeting with an experienced adviser that specialises in working with dentists

  • Confirmation and explanation of current NHS pension benefits including reference to annual and lifetime allowances and effect of April 2015 changes on your pension

  • Detailed psychometric test to establish your attitude to investment risk and how this relates to your existing investment and pension portfolio

  • Review of your existing insurances to check they are suitable for you as a dentist and are still offering the best value for money

  • Check you've set up any insurances in trust to reduce Inheritance Tax and speed up any potential claims

  • Create a report detailing all your insurances, investments and pensions to help you see clearly what you've got

  • Identify the key financial issues that need addressing

What doesn't the Financial Healthcheck involve?
This Healthcheck doesn't involve any direct recommendations, implementation or detailed financial planning analysis.

Why are Essential Money doing this?
Our experience is that when we complete a Healthcheck for one of Goodman Grant's clients, a reasonable percentage of them become clients. However, there's no obligation. You can take your report with our compliments.

What happens next?
Where possible we will arrange a face to face meeting. However, we may have to resort to Skype, email and phone calls if you're hundreds of miles from our office in Birmingham. To arrange a Financial Healthcheck please call 0121 685 5060 quoting GG18 and the team will know what to do. Alternatively, you can email with your name and contact details.