Innocent Non Disclosure - What dentists need to know...

This month I’ve decided to stray a little from the Tax Tips angle and focus on another issue which is pretty topical in the insurance market - 'Innocent Non Disclosure'.


‘Innocent Non Disclosure' is where an applicant forgets to mention on an insurance application all their relevant medical history. For example if you had a day off work for a bad back in the last year and you specifically tick the 'No' box where it asks if you've had any back pain in the last year then this is very likely to invalidate any future insurance claim for back problems.


So if you want your claim is paid in full, make sure you answer the questions as carefully and truthfully as possible.


One of my clients, a young dentist, recently insured a very nice BMW worth £26,000 but failed to tell the insurer that he was no longer living at home with his parents and therefore no longer living in a rural, relatively crime free area. Unfortunately a few weeks ago his house was broken into, car keys nicked and he's never seen the car since.


This is clearly a case of non disclosure as had the insurer known where he was really living and working the majority of the time, they are very likely to have increased his premiums, or perhaps even refused cover altogether.


My client however was honest with the insurer at claim, rather than trying to make up a story and the good news is the insurer paid up in full.


So any readers who insure their car at an alternative address either to save a few pounds, or because they've just not made time to contact the insurer, now's the time to let them know, and avoid the potential stress of having a claim rejected.