Karl R. Lehmann Dip PFS, Certified Financial Planner, Principal, Lehmann Financial Management - July 2007

I first met Thomas fresh out of university when he joined a company where I worked at that time as the Senior Consultant. I'd never have guessed he'd lose his hair before me. Thomas spent some time with me in his initial training stages and it was clear from the start that that Thomas had what it took to be an outstanding financial adviser. As a friend and fellow financial adviser for over 14 years now I can personally vouch for his integrity and commitment to helping clients with their finances. He's a bit of a nerd when it comes to studying and anything to do with IT and I admire the fact that Thomas takes his subject so seriously - having achieved the Advanced Financial Planning Qualification and then qualified as a Certified Financial PlannerCM, one of only 670 in the country. When Thomas told me that he was setting up a company on his own I was delighted and immediately offered to give him an endorsement. He replied that might be a little odd – one financial advisor endorsing another – but I suggested that only other advisors really know how good we are as practitioners. All I can say is …. if I was a dentist I'd want to be one of Thomas's clients.