Practice Finance

buildings.png There are several lending institutions that are keen to lend at 100% of the purchase price or valuation of dental practices. With the bank of England base rate at a relatively low level of 0.75%, the cost of borrowing is incredibly low. We work with all the main banks that lend to dentists and have good relationships with key contacts. This helps us get the finance for your practice quickly, at the best rate, and with the best deal in terms of deposits, free banking, security and use (or avoidance) of the Enterprise Finance Guarantee if necessary. There are some competitive deals available for both purchase and re-financing. We've written a guide that covers some of the details you should consider when you finance your existing practice, or if you're buying a practice. Buying A Dental Practice - The Essential Guide << (make sure the second box down is ticked!) You'll need a GDC number, so if you're not a dentist, please call me on 0121 685 5060 and you can purchase a copy. DOWNLOAD GUIDE NOW
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