Tamsin Vaughn Williams

Thomas has looked after my financial affairs for nearly 10 years. I appreciate dealing with one person, albeit one supported by a competent team. Our annual meetings, held at conveniently at my house concentrate my financial mind and are an excellent compromise between friendly chat and serious financial assessment. There is even a bit of life coaching thrown in. 'And what are your future plans in life, Tamsin?' I leave a meeting feeling more financially secure than I did before his arrival and confident enough to be more financially enterprising. I enjoy feeling that all the money matters are taken care of without me having to do anything myself. That computer programme showing what my financial 'pot' situation would be following various possible life events is a fascinating tribute to technology. I enjoy excellent mortgage rates which have enabled me to buy properties when it was a good time to buy property. All thanks to Thomas and his team for finding these and for the other financial investments I have made. I am now much richer than I would have been without his help.